Commitment to Excellence and Professionalism – Adaix Code of Ethics

Responsibility to Clients and Confidentiality

The following Code of Ethics has been developed to promote and ensure professionalism among those who work under the ADAIX brand, including the Central Office, Agents, and Sales Representatives, hereinafter referred to as Adaix Members. Adaix Members are committed to providing quality service to one another and to all clients. Therefore, they commit and adhere to the following Code of Ethics.

Codigo etico

All Adaix Members must:

  • Stay informed about new rules and regulations relevant to their activities.
  • Conduct themselves professionally to ensure clients benefit from high-quality services and respect the confidentiality of personal data, using it solely to address required demands.
  • Be honest with clients, avoiding hidden defects in products or services offered.
  • Be punctual with clients and suppliers, informing them promptly by phone of any circumstances preventing them from meeting appointments.
  • Maintain an organized and secure system for managing documents.
  • Pursue appropriate training for their roles, participating to the best of their ability in all online training courses offered by Adaix Central Office as well as external workshops.
  • Advocate for clients’ interests and ensure the proper development of their services.
  • Provide guidance to clients throughout the implementation of the offered services.
  • Refrain from expressing personal opinions about other professionals in the sector and their services.
  • Avoid the use of fraudulent or deceptive practices in their work.
  • Refrain from exaggerating or falsifying data to close sales.
  • Avoid engaging in misleading advertising, providing reliable and demonstrable information.
  • Obtain client consent before placing signage on properties or when other companies’ signs are already present.
  • Recommend legal assistance to clients when necessary.
  • Provide clients with all available options, enabling them to make fully informed and objective decisions.
  • Ensure that all financial obligations and commitments are documented in writing.
  • Verify that clients receive copies of all signed documents.
  • Not exploit clients for personal interests outside the scope of Adaix.
  • Avoid acquiring exclusive rights to properties already under contract with other real estate professionals, always inquiring about this matter with the property owner.
  • Communicate professional fees to clients before signing any documents.
  • Establish agreements on shared fees and commissions before closing sales.
  • Treat clients courteously and amiably in all circumstances.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality regarding Adaix’s working systems, management, and marketing practices.
  • Commit to protecting and conserving the environment, striving to minimize their impact and fully complying with relevant legislation.
  • Maintain a steadfast commitment to timely payment to suppliers, employees, and public and/or governmental entities.

All Adaix Members must conduct themselves in a correct, formal, and professional manner in their work. Each Adaix agent is a company or self-employed individual operating under the Adaix brand name. This does not create an employment relationship between Adaix Group S.L. and the Agent. On the contrary, the company is not authorized to present itself as a partner of Adaix Group S.L. and has no express or implied representation to act on behalf of Adaix Group S.L. No agreement, pact, promise, statement, or action of any kind made by the agent will bind Adaix Group S.L. in any way, as the agent is solely responsible to third parties for such actions.

Violations of the Code of Ethics will be considered serious breaches of the contract that grants the use of the Adaix brand. At this point, it will be at the discretion of the owner of the ADAIX brand to unilaterally terminate the contract that allows the use of the Adaix brand.