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Personalized guidance to find your ideal property

Buying a house is a significant decision that can generate many questions. At Adaix, we take the time to evaluate your criteria, budget, and specific needs. We conduct a financial pre-study that allows us to determine the maximum amount you can invest in your future home. Our goal is to make you feel secure and supported at every step of the process.

We sit down with you and explain the entire purchasing process from start to finish. We listen to your concerns and together, we analyze the options that best suit your needs and budget. We provide you with information about the costs associated with the purchase, possible “hidden defects” of properties, and how to address them.

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How do we select the ideal properties for you?

Our methodology is based on a detailed analysis of your preferences, needs, and financial situation. We consider factors such as location, size, layout, style, and condition of the properties. This way, we can offer you properties that truly meet your expectations and provide you with a satisfying buying experience.

Extensive shared database for effective searching

Our extensive shared database allows us to access a large number of properties that match your criteria and needs. We take care of searching and filtering the options to offer you only the properties that truly interest you.

We work with a wide network of professionals in the real estate sector, which gives us access to exclusive properties and unique opportunities. Additionally, we maintain constant communication with you during the search process, ensuring that you are informed about updates and properties that align with your requirements.

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Advantages of having a shared database

A shared database significantly increases the chances of finding the perfect home for you. With a larger number of available properties, we can offer you more options that meet your criteria and needs, thereby increasing the likelihood of finding your dream home.

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Negotiation with sellers to get the best price

Our expert agents negotiate with sellers to help you acquire your dream home at a fair price. We strive to achieve the best deal for you, ensuring a satisfying and profitable purchase.

We are committed to defending your interests at all times. Our team of professionals thoroughly reviews every detail of the transaction and coordinates all aspects related to the purchase, from contract signing to the delivery of the keys to your new home.

Asesoramiento y financiacion

Financing and mortgage advice

If you require financing, we work with the best deals and assist you in comparing and obtaining the most favorable interest rate. Our aim is to facilitate the acquisition of your new home by providing you with accessible options that align with your financial situation.

We offer expert advice on mortgage loans and guide you in choosing the best option for you. We ensure that you understand all aspects related to financing, such as payment terms, conditions, and potential additional costs.

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Working with various financial institutions

We have a wide range of contacts in the financial sector, allowing us to offer you different financing and mortgage loan options. By working with various institutions, we can ensure that we find the best solution for your specific situation and help you make an informed decision.


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Insured professionals for your peace of mind

All our agents are covered by professional liability insurance. We encourage you to request a copy of the insurance policy, so that you can feel even more confident and supported at all times.

Furthermore, our company complies with all regulations and industry standards, guaranteeing a quality service and a safe and reliable purchasing process.

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Why choose Adaix to buy your home?

Our customer-centric approach, commitment to excellence, and extensive experience in the real estate sector make us the best choice to accompany you in the search and purchase of your ideal home.

We take pride in providing a personalized and high-quality service, ensuring that you find your dream home at the best price and under the best possible conditions.

In summary, at Adaix, we strive to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized service to facilitate the home buying process. We are by your side every step of the way, from analyzing your needs to handing over the keys to your new home.

Our commitment is to help you find your dream home at the best price and with the utmost satisfaction.

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