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Next, download our dossier and discover our purpose and the quality of all the services we offer you. If you have any doubts, check out our FAQ and fill in the form so that our expansion department can provide you with more information and clarify your doubts.

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Download our franchise dossier

To access our complete franchise dossier, please fill in the contact form below. By providing your contact details, you will gain access to detailed information about our franchise opportunity, and we will be able to keep in touch and assist you on your journey to joining the Adaix family.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who gets the commissions on each transaction?

The Adaix franchisee receives all the commissions in full.

What percentage do I have to pay to the franchise for each sale or rental?

€0. All commissions are 100% for the franchisee.

What are my fees for each sale?

They are 5% with a minimum of €4000 +VAT, always adapting to the area or province, to be in harmony with all professionals in your area.

What are my fees for each rental?

The franchisee invoices the landlord one month + VAT. For full management, we bill one extra month per year to the landlord.

How can I contact another Adaix franchisee to collaborate?

Easy, from our Flooges CRM you can see and/or contact all the franchisees and make a very smooth collaboration.

If I collaborate with another franchisee, what commission does each one charge?

The usual is 50% each.

Can I publish properties of my collaborators on my website?

Yes, in a single click from our CRM you can publish them.

Will I have a property portfolio to start with?

Yes, you will have the portfolio of all the franchisees and all the bank assets (bank properties).

Will I have exclusivity in my area?

Generally, exclusivity is not guaranteed, but this is negotiable, depending on factors such as location and price. However, in the real estate sector, collaboration is a key aspect, which is why we have the MLS system (collaboration between real estate professionals). If you have an interested client, you will search for the property and share the fees 50/50 with the collaborating agency. However, we never place two agencies in the same area and we always make sure to inform the corresponding agency.

Will I have financing to offer to my clients to buy a house?

Yes, in our CRM you have a module to finance, and in a click, you can perform a study of the operation, which will allow you to have the best mortgage for your client, according to his profile.

Will I have advice?

Yes, it is provided through our platforms and systems, plus, we have a WhatsApp group where all Adaix franchisees participate, to help each other as a true team of professionals.

I have no experience in the real estate sector, will I be able to effectively carry out the real estate activity?

You don’t need previous experience, with our face-to-face and online training, with our services, platforms, team, and your work, you will soon become a great professional.

What is the advantage of adding general insurance to the franchise?

General insurance has total synergy with real estate, you sell a house = house insurance, for rent = rent default insurance, etc…

Does the franchise have its own technology and systems?

One of the advantages we offer and that sets us apart from all brands is that our group has its own team of IT engineers and we develop all our tools and systems.

Does the franchise have artificial intelligence?

Yes, we have equipped our intranet with artificial intelligence to be very efficient 24 hours a day, and offer a virtual advisor with BobyBot.

What is the duration of the franchise contract?

The contract is indefinite, which represents a significant advantage, as you will not have to worry about paying a renewal. Moreover, being indefinite, you can cancel it annually on its anniversary date.

Is there a penalty for cancelling the contract?

There is no penalty if you decide to cancel the contract in advance, because we are convinced that if you work, you will be very satisfied to be an Adaix, and if things go wrong we don’t want to harm you, on the contrary, we are always by the side of our franchisees.

Why do I have to pay an entrance fee?

Because of the large number of services we offer you and the configuration of the system, as well as the right to enter and use our brand and tools.

What does the monthly service fee offer me?

Access to all our tools (CRM, Intranet, web, etc.), services, agreements, group real estate portals, brand image etc. and all the elements to achieve success in your day-to-day.

Why does Adaix have the best system at such a reduced cost?

It is the will of our founder, to provide the best services, agreements and more, at the lowest possible cost.

How is it possible to offer all these services at such a reduced price?

Our team has done a great job and has robotised all the systems that generate many unnecessary and costly expenses, like the administrative part (billing, collections, etc.).

Adaix Franchisee Testimonials

Success stories that inspire

Nothing better than hearing the experiences of our agents to understand the positive impact of joining the Adaix real estate franchise. Discover how our proposal has transformed their lives and helped them reach their professional goals.

"I want to thank the entire team of the Adaix real estate network for the love and professionalism they dedicate to all their actions. Thank you very much for your work and dedication. Adaix is the real estate company that you can really trust, they inform you and advise you throughout the process. 100% recommended"


Silvia Parra, Adaix Grao de Gandía


"Short-term profitability, training from the beginning, and a property portfolio to manage from the start when opening the agency. Excellent execution and organization."


Sebastian Pérez, Adaix Cáceres


"We met in 2017 and since then, you have never stopped innovating and growing. Thank you for being part of this great family."


Adaix Mancha Real


"We have been part of this franchise since its inception in 2006, and they are always innovating and adapting to the real estate market so that we can offer the best services to our clients"


Adaix Las Delicias (Zaragoza)


"As the manager of Adaix León, I can only say that after several years of belonging to this great franchise that is Adaix, my expectations have been more than met. Proof of this is my recent renewal."


Adaix León


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