Rent your house in Spain

Adaix, we guarantee your house and optimize your profitability

Renting a property is a very important act, and it is essential to have complete professional advice at all stages, being wrong can cost you a lot, and doing it on your own can be very expensive.

What does Adaix offer you to rent your house with complete peace of mind?

Rent your house in Spain


A professional process guarantees your peace of mind, your well-being and that of your property.


Adaix, with its long experience, guarantees the selection of the future tenant.


Rent insurance

Protect your property against non-payment of rents (up to 12 monthly rents), compensation for acts of vandalism to the continent, as in the content, legal defense, etc.

Trust Adaix and rent your house in good condition

“FREE rental insurance”

The rental market has taken more prominence in recent years in Spain, this growing demand needs control, and each property must be adapted to current regulations. We help you put your home for rent in the best conditions for the interested party and for you.

Free rental insurance

Our services:


Estimation of the rental price based on the surface of the house, the condition, the location, the type of property, as well as the supply and demand.

Maximum visibility in the market

Creation of an advertisement and publication in a multitude of national and international real estate portals, publication on social networks, as well as a personalized strategy to expedite the rental with all the guarantees.

Photo report

We carry out a professional photographic and audiovisual report, we apply home staging techniques, and we advise you by facilitating the work of adapting and improving the appearance of the property.


Management of demands, calls, and organization of visits.

Other services
  • Keeper of the keys
  • Stakeholder tracking
  • Statistics reports
  • Tenant Selection
  • Non-payment insurance, legal, acts of vandalism, etc…
  • Document verification
  • Drafting of the contract
  • Guarantee, deposit and inventory

Do you want to worry about everything?

Entrust us with the total management, and we take care of everything, daily management, late payment, breakdowns in your home, etc…

rental total management

Rental Total Management

If you choose Total Management Rental, we will add the following services to our work:

  • Management of property needs, such as breakdowns and housing problems
  • We will negotiate budgets for the actions to be carried out, and we will ensure the rapid development of the work
  • Management of monthly payments to tenants
  • Claim, and extrajudicial negotiation, of unpaid rents or contractual breaches of any kind
  • Inventory on entry and exit
  • Cleaning and re-organization of the property at the departure of the tenants

**Check if your agency develops the services detailed on this page.

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